Best Affordable Daycare near Piscataway NJ -Infants - Toddlers and Pre School

Daily Mobile App Updates

We utilize an integrated mobile app system that gives you daily updates of your child’s day and keeps you updated with all activities of your child’s busy day.

Free Breakfast, Lunch & Snack

We use a catering company that provides daily nutritious meals. You get a monthly menu to give you an update on what’s served daily.

Midsize so your kids aren’t overlooked

Our centers are mid sized and aptly staffed with friendly nurturing professionals who delightfully cater to your most valuable possession.

Age Appropriate curriculum

Our classes are separated according to age groups and all activities are age appropriate and aptly supervised by teachers.

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Little Einstein's Academy

Little Einstein’s Academy provides a quality learning environment that enables children to grow and develop. We build a partnership with parents in the care of their most precious possessions.

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