LEA safety measures during this emergency period.

Hello Parents,

We have made some important changes to our standard procedures as well as adopt some important new State mandated protocols.The goal is to prioritize social distancing and health and safety of all students and employees while maintain same the level of educational activity we have grown accustomed to.


We are currently open and accepting enrollments for 0-13 . All class schedules are available on Tuition and registration page. We will follow up with details in our reply to your inquiry.  All enrollments are done online, and you can have your doctor email in Universal health and immunization record in possible. We will be doing lot to limit paperwork and doing a lot through our Mobile App system.

 Through our Mobile app system you get daily pictures, videos etc of all daily activities.                                   



We put together a quick virtual tour video for you due to State mandated limitation on in person visits.




 What we are doing to be safe during this emergency period


* Opening hours revert back to the usual 6am – 6pm Edison NJ ,  7am – 6pm Roselle NJ
* Drop-off before 10 am daily.
* Our staff disinfects the entire class every 2 hours.
* Daily mandatory temperature checks at the door on entry for staff, students-
* Face masks are also mandatory for all staff and parents on every encounter.
* Staff members are not allowed to work with temperatures above 100.2 –

* In Adhering to the State Social distancing rules We have implemented the following
— Entire school capacity has been temporarily reduced thereby limiting availability-
— Two, mandatory daily temperature checks for staff and students

* All kids toys are sanitized daily and staff is required to ensure kids play together with ample space between them.
—  Kids are required to wash their hand soon as come to school and right before leaving .
—  We will still follow the same learning routine and periodic App updates
—  With the exception of first time visits, parents are only permitted to bring students to the door, you have to alert us via Procare App about 10-15 minutes before pickup –

—  State Requirement : We have to submit detailed logs to the State everyday about health and wellness of all staff and students at each center.
—  On Weekends there is general clean up by a commercial cleaning company as well.

—   Field trips and other off-site activities are prohibited by Gov. Executive order, outdoor play with high level supervision and discretion is allowed.


– Our centers work with a catering company to provide free healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks daily. You’ll get a copy of a monthly menu so you can plan ahead on days you’d prefer your child something else or days you’d rather bring food for your child.


What to bring on start date-

  • universal health records
  • Immunization records
  • Fitted crib sheets for each child
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Formula {infants only
  • Water
  • If you have specific snack for the kids .
  • Gerber  { if they eat it }
  • Sippy cup or bottle
  • Blankets and sheets
  • Food Program Eligibility form
Best Regards, Stay safe
Ms. Elise